Muesli is basically cereal. But better. In more ways than one. It’s healthier, and tastier (in my opinion at least). Some might say it’s a broken up granola bar. Well…not exactly.

What is Muesli?

Ok, so muesli is like cereal and granola, but what is it really? Muesli comes from the Swiss/German word for mix. Why? Muesli is a mix of nuts, dried fruits/berries, seeds, grains, etc. Really you can put anything you want in there. You can put it in milk like cereal or sprinkle it in yogurt. I like a mixture of around 1 spoon of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, peanuts, almonds, and 3-5 spoons of rolled oats. Then I pour milk on it so it’s a healthy version of cereal in the morning.


I live with my family so we store the different ingredients separately so that we can eat different proportions. However, if you live alone and eat the same proportions each time, you can pre-mix it so that you just have to pour it out like cereal. In my family, we have a bag of each thing and then we put all the bags into one big container. Whenever we eat muesli, we just grab a bowl, the box, and a spoon. 

Muesli vs. Cereal

What’s the difference between cereal and muesli? Cereal is all just artificial this and artificial that. So unless you buy those healthy whole grain ones, – that are pricier, and honestly, in my opinion, less yummy – that’s all cereal is. That’s where muesli comes in. You can eat it just like cereal, but it’s healthier.

Muesli vs. Granola

Ok, well what if I eat a granola bar? Same thing right? Nope. A granola bar might be made of the same seeds, nuts, etc., and have the same base(rolled oats), but there’s one major difference. Granola uses oil, butter, or honey to stick it together. This makes it clumpier than the loose muesli. While that might taste sweeter, it sometimes covers the salty taste of the seeds and nuts. So really, this one kinda depends on your preferences. 

~ Alissa ☆


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