Growing Mung Bean Sprouts

My dad came up with this really awesome idea that I am now going to share with you. This idea involves an efficient way to grow mung beans, for very little cost. All it takes is two trays, two towels, mung beans, a paper towel, two boxes, water, and time.


  • Two aluminum trays
  • Two cleaning towels
  • Mung beans
  • Paper towel
  • Two cardboard boxes
  • Water
  • Time (about one week)


Day 1:


Germinate: Take the first tray (I use an aluminum tray) and pour 1/3 of 1 layer and spread out. Then, gently pour water in the tray to completely soak the beans. 


Check on the beans. They should have started to crack open its green shell. Leave overnight.


The beans are soaking. You can see that it has started to break out of its green shell.


Day 2:


Cut tray 2: Take the second tray and cut a upside down triangle at the corners down half way. At the bottom tip of each triangle, cut a slit down to the bottom. Do not cut the first tray.

Prepare: Pour the mung beans from Day 1 into the second tray you just prepared. Be careful and make sure the beans don’t fall through the corner cuts. Drain the water through the corner cuts and again, make sure the beans don’t fall out. If empty shells fall out, that’s fine. Pour out any water from tray one. It doesn’t have to be completely dry, just get all the water you can out from pouring. Take a paper towel big enough to cover the bottom of the tray and cover the bottom. Gently pour water so that the whole paper towel is moist. Take the second tray and pour the beans back into the first tray. Spread out the beans so that there is only one layer of beans and that no beans are on top of each other. Now, take the second tray to put on the beans. Put it so that the bottom of the tray is touching the beans. Now take the two towels and completely soak them with water. Put them in the second tray. This will act as a weight for the beans. With a weight on the beans, they will have to grow stronger, and as a result you get thicker sprouts instead of puny stems. The weight with the wet towels will also slowly drip water to the the bean tray through the corner cuts. Put this whole thing into a cardboard box and close the lid. Place a second box on top to block light further. The mung beans don’t need light.


Change water: Leave tray two on tray one. Gently pour water onto the towels evenly. Hold the two trays together and pour out water. Since tray two covers the beans, the beans don’t fall out. Re-soak the two towels in tray two. Leave the paper towel and beans alone.

Days 3 – *:


Change water


Change water

*  Once the the plant grows as tall as the edge of the tray

Days * – 7:


Change water. Flip the top weight tray over so the bottom of tray is facing up. The inside bottom of the tray should be touching the top of the sprouts. Place the towels back on top of the top tray (or rather, on the bottom).


Change water. Keep the top tray flipped as described above.    



End product! Just cut it off from the paper towel and you have bean sprouts!

At first, the beans will only grow a little bit each day. The last few days, you should expect more growth each day. There you have it! You can get bean sprouts in just 7 days and spend very little money. You can do multiple trays at one time to get even more, in just 7 days (although you would have to spend more time changing water each day).

More pictures coming soon!

~ Alissa ☆


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